AMEX and partners united for Ukraine

Dear Colleagues & Partners,

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. Of the almost 42 million people, 7.4 million are children. All of them are afraid, many of them are on the run. UNICEF is setting up safe places for families on the run. Together we can help. Together we can finance a "Blue Dot Family Center" and thus help about 4,000 children and their mothers. We will create a safe place to provide health support, cash vouchers, information and special care for children who got separated from their parents.
We cannot abandon the children in Ukraine. Our goal is to raise 250,000 EUR to build and operate such a center for the weeks to come.

Thanks to each and every one of you!
Marie & Edwin Kleiber

What we already achieved

UNICEF „Blue Dot Family Center“

The so-called "Blue Dot Family Centers" are an essential drop-in center for families on the run.

Currently, 20 such child-friendly facilities are being built along key travel corridors in six neighboring countries of Ukraine and will be completed in the next 48 hours. They do provide essential information for traveling families and safe spaces for mothers, infants and childrens.

Each center can care for 3,000 to 5,000 children and their mothers.

Each center costs 140.000 EUR to establish and 110.000 EUR to operate on a monthly basis thereafter.

Why are these centers important?

Further to informations and safe spaces they do also provide:

  • psychosocial support
  • ability to identify protection risks, including unaccompanied and separated children
  • play spaces for infants
  • cash and vouchers
  • support for parents
  • referrals to services for children with disabilities
  • and much more

Watch this video about how these centers work

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Donations for specific emergencies: Any remaining funds will be added to the UNICEF Emergency Fund.


For further information or donations higher than 9.000 Euro please do contact

Anna Wilhelm-Strenn
0660/38 24 417

If you would like to donate via bank account please donate to AT46 6000 0000 0151 6500 „Blue Dot Center“.